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“Enclosed please find my check for the final payment on my account.  Thank you again for working with me on a payment plan to keep my credit clear.”

-- Joanne W.,  Charlotte, NC

Melanie S with Story Hill Apts.  (Pallas Realty Advisors)

“RRS is the first agency I have ever worked with that has collected money for me on a consistent basis”.  

We are very appreciative for the great results  –  Huntington Mgmt

“My daughter moved out of (deleted) last year and left her roommate responsible for the lease.  She was very surprised and disturbed to hear from your company regarding a past due debt.  As we discussed, I have forwarded a cashier’s check for the full settlement amount to clear my daughter’s name.  We appreciate your working with us on this.  Your people were courteous and professional.”

-- Dan S., Kansas City, MO

"I've had several people call me wanting our business for the past year. Out of all those people you were the most professional. When I told the others  that we were not interested at the moment, many of them became very rude, however you remained professional and would check in with me after several months and kept that same professionalism. That is what prompted me to use your company. Thank you for giving me the confidence that you could do the job!"

-G Davis
Credit/Collections Manager

“Thank you for taking the time to explain the charges on this account with me yesterday, and for providing me with the account statement so quickly.  Though I still don’t agree with all the charges, I am willing to discuss the repayment options you offered in yesterday’s phone call in order to keep this account off my credit.  Please call me at (deleted) to discuss further."

-- Rose B., Duluth, GA

“ Rent Recovery Solutions provides the best customer service and results in the industry; hands down”.

Heather Coyne
Marketing Coordinator
Alexander Properties Group

“Just dropping a note to let you know that we closed on our house last week.  I wanted to thank you again for working with  us on the (deleted) account.   The monthly payment option worked for us, and by keeping the account off our credit was fine.  Thanks for all your courtesy and patience.”

-- Allan and Victoria R.,  Arlington, TX.

Customer Service

Our customers can expect professional assistance from Rent Recovery Solutions. We understand the needs of our clients. We strive to quickly address all requests and to insure you have a positive experience when contacting RRS. Our clients may select from various forms of contact methods when seeking information. We understand our clients are often too busy to pick up the phone to initiate a request. We are happy to solve your requests via phone, email or directly through our web portal.

Rent Recovery Solutions knows the importance of a strong client relationship. When dealing with sensitive consumer information, we must keep communication open. You will always receive prompt and courteous service.